The Matrix Therapy Concept

You know many agonizing symptoms in everyday life: neck tension, headaches, lack of concentration, body aches in rest and exercise, back problems while sitting, lying and walking, burning sensation in the thighs, wound healing disorders, muscle shortening, muscle hardening, muscle calluses, myogelosis (muscle harness), swollen, painful ankles and calves, connective tissue hardening, heel spurs, pain at the tendon transitions to the bone, pain in the knees, pain in the hip and groin, joint discomfort, calcification, nerve pain, chest congestion, polyneuropathy.

Such symptoms are annoying because they reduce performance and tiring and make your body age earlier. They are characteristic of functional disorders of a neglected matrix system (= connective tissue metabolism) in the body, in which the organ structures are not yet changed life-threatening. Since the symptoms are "functional" and usually the expression of a disturbed microcirculation (metabolism, metabolism), ultrasound, X-ray, computed tomography (CT), magnetic resonance imaging (NMR) can usually not be productive, and cause u. U. unnecessary costs.

If one does not treat such "unspecific" symptoms by their functional cause, but only symptomatically (tablets, syringes), there is a risk that the body will derail even more and, as a result of the ongoing malfunctions, restructure structurally and pathologically over time: Disease symptoms arise, as described above, as end-effects of chronically altered micro-level function. Once structural changes have occurred, which become visible as the end result of the chronic functional disorder, operative procedures are often unavoidable. Those who regularly take care of their cell matrix - responsible for an intact "cell logistics" - are developing such diseases. The Matrix concept starts with its therapy modules where functional disorders are present: By rhythmic,

The basic modules for matrix therapy according to Dr. med. Randoll in a Matrix Center ®are:

I. Matrix Rhythm Therapy (Main Module)

II. Matrix infrared (local and whole body hyperthermia with monitoring)

III. oxygen therapy

IV. Nutrition / orthomolecular therapy (minerals, trace elements, amino acids etc.)

Our modular therapy program based on the matrix concept generally includes 3-5 treatments by specially trained matrix therapists after thorough medical examination.

The therapy program ...

  • mobilizes your entire nerves, support and movement system,
  • vitalizes your previously neglected connective tissue of the extracellular matrix,
  • detoxifies your body,
  • Tightens your body and makes you more powerful.