Application of Matrix Rhythm Therapy

How does the mechanical-magnetic process management by the Matrixmobil® work?

By the help of the results of fundamental research an instrument with a purpose-built mechanical-magnetic resonator was developed which stimulates the physiological self oscillation of the skeletal muscles and the nervous system and re-establishes the balance. By rhythmic micro-extension the MaRhyThe® has an effect on the cytological level, leading finally to the structuring of cellular micro-processes, which is a requirement for well-working cell regenerations and healing.

Being coupled into the closed loop, all metabolic processes are normalised, and healing and regeneration is initiated in short-term. For the micro-circulation - in any organ of the body - an intact resonator Quality of the skeletal muscles is primarily responsible.

From a historical standpoint Matrix Rhythm Therapy is a vibrational treatment focused on the skeletal musculature.In the broadest sense it can be seen as a further development a classical vibration massage. Vibration massages are effective methods in the area of rehabilitation and sports. They are naturally very strenuous for the therapist and are limited by their relative inability to access deeper lying tissues.
the reason for the success of Matrix Rhythm Therapy lies in its approach based on cell biology. Matrix rhythm Therapy stimulates the natural rhythm and indirectly regulates the processes which are coupled to that rhythm. While many treatments methods works with rigidly fixed frequencies, matrix rhythm therapy utilizes the whole "Window" of physiological frequencies, thereby allowing the flexible tissue to adopt in healthy way.