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In Biological systems there are never rigidly Fixed Frequencies, But only Frequency Ranges.Matrix Rhythm Therapy developed with ability to syncrhonize with dynamic frequency of cells and produce Rhythm.


Rhythmically oscillating processes have been found in all living organisms studied until now including single-celled organisms to the human body.In humans we can immediate recognize a variety of life processes that are rhythmic in character.


Matrixmobil for Matrix Rhythm Therapy is innovative German technology generates mechanical & electromagnetic oscillations dynamically in range of 8-12 Hz the natural physiological frequency of cells & tissue.

Attention - Be Careful Ask for "Matrix Rhythm therapy" "not just Matrix Therapy

As Matrix Rhythm Therapy becoming very popular with very high successful results we understood medical practitioners & patients are being misguided & cheated by offering wrong product or therapy as "Matrix Therapy". That may not produce desired result or may produce side effect. Read More...

Matrix Rhythm Therapy India

Mr. Anil Deshpande introduced Matrix Rhythm Therapy in India. In year 2009 along with Physiotherapists Dr Sandeep Bhagwat, Dr Pranjali Dhamane and Dr Bharti Parkekh he visited Germany to learn this therapy from researcher and inventor Dr Ulrich Randoll. A small device work like a vibrator was being criticized by physiotherapists and medical practitioners. On the other side results in clinical practice were like a miracle. Every case with different symptoms and etiologic findings was showing positive results. As understood the importance of knowledge about the concept, working principles and application skills of device Mr. Anil Deshpande started training programs for medical practitioners and Physiotherapists. Specially trained by Dr Ulrich Randoll at Dr Randoll Institute Physiotherapists Dr. Sandeep Bhagwat,

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